This is the science of sanity.

Here at, we will provide a legitimate determination as to whether or not you should be declared SANE. If you are declared SANE, you will have the opportunity to receive a sticker. This sticker is only available to those who have been declared SANE using our scientific method.

This is a gaslighting simulator.

In an effort to make our determination, we will ask you a series of questions. We will not make it easy to answer. Expect things to get uncomfortable.

When you are ready, click the button below.

Calculating your sanity...
{{answers.yourName}}, our scientific algorithm has given you a sanity score of {{ui.diagnosis.sanityScore +'%' }}.
Your diagnosis:
You have been given a Sanity Score of {{ui.diagnosis.sanityScore +'%' }}, offically labeling you as {{current.diagnosis}}.
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Q: How was this determined?

A: Randomly.

After completing the exam, you were randomly assigned a sanityScore of {{ui.diagnosis.sanityScore +'%' }}. This assigned you the ranking of {{current.diagnosis}}.

None of your exam questions were considered when assigning your sanityScore.

function calculateSanity() {
  const sanityBarrier = 50;
  const sanityScore = Math.floor(Math.random() * 100);
  // In this case, sanityScore was {{ui.diagnosis.sanityScore}}
  if (sanityScore < sanityBarrier) {
    current.diagnosis = "INSANE";
  } else {
    current.diagnosis = "SANE";

If you'd like, you can recalculate your score.

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